Sound Your Barbaric Yawp!

One of my goals is to devote 10-15 minutes each day to pure creative writing. Just a writing prompt, pen and paper or a computer, and me. No music, TV or internet. Only the randomized flow offered by the emotions filling my head and heart at that particular moment. Sometimes the page fills with rubbish. Often, I stare at the words later, bewildered over the zig-zags of my meandering. Sometimes, the story is just plain junk. Regardless, the more consistent I am with the exercise, the more I crave the adrenaline shot poured down my throat by this brief escape into only my thoughts.

It’s rare that anyone other than me ever sees these wandered musings. But today I thought I would share the word dribble that poured from my head this morning after watching the following clip from Dead Poets Society (PS – this movie remains fantastic. Watch it, feel inspired and create).

Click “Read More” below the video for the outcome of this writing exercise…


I trap them, my emotions. I bury them, somewhere,  deep inside the pit of my mind and conceal them under layers of defensive wit and humor, sarcasm, self-deprecation, and veiled comments such as, “you know me, I’m always doing fine.” Truth is, that’s a lie. Truth is, nobody is ever always fine, me included. And we need to care, I need to care, to understand these emotions.

So I say we should exhale our emotions, breathe them into the world. Give them life—”from the moment we enter the world crying to the moment we leave dying.” Crave freedom from the laughs and snickers of a gawking crowd. Sprint in the direction of the “sweaty-tooth mad man” who holds our fears in his palm and stares into our hearts with wild eyes full of scorn and judgment. Dash into this man’s arms, embrace him with eyes closed, head over heels vulnerability. Feel frightened and feel scared, but feel this way while staring down fears and not while paralyzed by them. Once we’ve embraced the mad man, when we’re comfortable in the clutches of our fears, tell them to go to Hell. Because fear, like death, smiles at us all. And the only thing we can do is smile back.

Find that voice, that cause that inspires, and give the gift of this passion to others. Let everyone see the excitement and joy that can exist in meaningful work. Offer a hand to lead, turn an ear to listen, say hello and how do you do with a grin on your face. Laugh with a young child over something silly. Even better, when moved to laughter around adults, do so with the same heartfelt joy a young child has. Tell loved ones that they’re loved and why they matter. Help. Communicate. Share emotions with others. The return might be amazing.



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