What Inspires You?

The dictionary defines inspiration as an inspiring or animating action or influence. I believe inspiration comes from anywhere. The silence of a morning, the smiling chaos of children, tears running down a cheek only to reach a smile and not a frown. People, places, pictures, conversations, animals, laughter, heartache, new love, darkness, friendship. What do they have in common? All these things can become sources of inspiration if we let them.

With this in mind, I will post a short note on what inspired me during the prior week every Friday morning – starting this Friday.

What I would love is for readers (calling on all 7 of you!) to send me small notes, pictures, comments, etc. of what inspired you during the week so I can include these items in the post.

To get started, below is a video from “Kid President.” Now, should I be disappointed or inspired that a 9-year old has summarized much of my life outlook more eloquently than I could ever imagine? I lean towards inspired.

“Create something that will make the world awesome.”



  1. Here you go! Inspiration this week was receiving a case of Super Tuscan wine from a small, family owned winery, Caloste Winery in Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy. Worth the wait, inspiration to keep working hard and saving pennies to continue to travel around this amazing world we call home.

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