I wrote a first draft of my father/son memoir, To Dad: From Kelly last year. This version contained stories covering three sections: lessons I learned from my dad, questions that went unanswered or unasked in our relationship, and personal confessions from the defining moments of my life (unfortunately, I never answered why I ever wore the hat, shirt, fannie-pack combination shown below but sometimes life’s mysteries are better left unknown).

PictureAfter receiving feedback from numerous trusted souls, I began the not-so-fun process of altering the manuscript to focus directly on the lessons and questions of a father and son. The only problem is that doing so left me with a bulk of material that is all dressed up for a party but has nowhere to go.

Over the next few months, I plan to package these short stories into a short eBook and offer it on this site for free or a small donation to charity. In the interim, and in addition to the other thoughts captured here, I will also post many of these pieces on my blog. Although I will do my best to adapt them into a form easier to view online, expect them to be longer and more story-focused than traditional blog musings. What they lack in brevity, though, I promise they will make up for in raw emotion and honesty. An example from a previous post is my story titled “From Darkness to Light.”

These stories are the personal admissions I struggled with my entire life. I’m proud to have written them, and am excited to share them. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.



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