Two Words that Always Count

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple gesture of kindness to make a difference.

Last week, a friend of mine posted the following comment on her Facebook page:

Thank You

If given the chance, say thank you.

Say thank you to mom before Mother’s Day arrives next weekend. And say thank you to dad just because.

Say thank you to an old friend for something they did that they might not realize matters as much as it does to you.

Say thank you to the boss who drops a pain-in-the-ass, keeping-you-at-work late project on your desk because they have the trust to believe you will finish the job.

Say thank you to the person who makes you laugh or the coworker whose smile brightens your elevator ride into work in the morning.

Say thank you to the stranger who holds the door open.

Say thank you to the individuals whose efforts make the day’s journey possible. The strategy of going it alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

Every day we have the chance to say two words that remind others of how much they’re appreciated. The tricky part is actually saying them.

Now, it’s my turn to tell my friend thank you: Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for reminding me of the magic that exists in giving thanks. Thank you for this simple, elegant act that I can replicate in many of those often-overlooked moments that occur each day where it’s easier to say nothing than it is to show genuine appreciation for someone’s help.

Thank you.


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