Reaching For New Heights

Source: Oddarena

Source: Oddarena

As the world’s tallest buildings show, reaching great heights happens at different times and in different ways. No single style monopolizes the stretch for new milestones or summits previously not attained. Whether it’s with our arms, ideas, goals, relationships, or large beams of metal that will eventually sing a song of accomplishment from new points above a city’s landscape, no one path is better than any other. Some might be easier or faster or taller. But not better, just different.

These buildings soar to heights so rarely achieved that their sheer construction is almost unimaginable. They are boastful, proud buildings whose vertical expanses challenge thoughts of how far and how high we can reach. They are beautiful. Not for their aesthetics or audaciousness, but because each building climbs towards the night’s stars in ways personal to their design.

There are similarities, overlaps in style, and borrowed ideas that make the building process easier and smarter. None of these skyscrapers are the same and none should be.

The same is true for our personal goals. Mirroring the ambitions of others is a tempting trap that victimizes without discrimination.  No zenith worth working towards, though, should be the same as that desired by someone else. My hopes belong to me just as yours blong to you. They might overlap or align closely; they might work in tandem and at times borrow (steal) or adapt successful ideas to fit our own needs. This is normal, and it’s part of the process of learning from others with more experience and expertise. Ultimately, though, the manifestation of values and objectives must be unique to each individual.

The goal should not be to find the one path to reaching new heights that is based on the terms of others because no such path truly exists. The goal, instead, should be to find understand the dreams that best fit our own values and passions. The goal is to find your path to the heights that you have chosen are the most meaningful for your satisfaction.


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