Where’d You Get the Tenement on Wheels

I’ve been silent on the blog for the past three weeks, but there are some good reasons for it. First, I started a new job working for Findaway World, an audiobook and audio content company. I spend my days thinking about the future of books, storytelling, education, audio content consumption, and the intersection of all these worlds. It’s wonderful and has spawned many creative ideas that I look forward to incorporating on this site.

Second, my family and I went on a vacation to South Carolina. The trip confirmed that my 4-year old niece is a rockstar, cooler than her Uncle, and maybe the cutest thing on the planet. This is her dancing to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man. She is a showstopper.


Finally, I’ve been busy aggregating content. I’m excited for three upcoming items that will start this week.

1. Nickels and Dimes: Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll post a short piece as an attempt at wit or wisdom, motivation, and idea sparking. I’m calling it Nickels and Dimes because ‘a penny for a thought’ or even ‘my two cents’ seemed too cheap. And nobody would pay a quarter for anything. Nickels and Dimes sounded about right.

2. 30 on 30: For 30 days starting August 14 and leading into my 31st birthday on September 12, I will post one observation per day about my first year as a thirty something. Hangovers suck. Pulled groin muscles from touch football are worse. And Skyline chilidogs purchased by the several dozen will never go to waste. I know these things now.

3. What I Talk About When I Talk About Love…and Coffee. Raymond Carver wrote a short story collection titled What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. It’s beautiful in its sparseness and magnificent in its loneliness. My collection of three short stories isn’t nearly as good, but I borrowed from the title nonetheless.

The stories mix love with loss and hopefulness with desperation. I talk on the risks of two people falling in love and the heart wrench of having something or someone stolen. They are works of fiction that contain truths from my life and others. The emotions, though, are all real.


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