30 Thoughts on 30 #5: People’s Generosity Amazes Me

On September 12 of last year, I kicked off the $3K for 30 fundraiser to raise $3,000 to donate to the Community Christmas program sponsored by the United Way of Sandusky County, Ohio. Community Christmas provides food, gifts, clothes and other items to individuals in need of aid during the Christmas season. A full recap of the events is provided at the end of this post.

I sent one email to a group of friends, made a few Facebook posts, and within two weeks over 50 people had donated more than $3,600 to easily reach the goal. It amazed me how, without hesitation, so many friends and family supported the fundraiser. Such kindness is inspiring. And contagious. Catch it.

The generosity people show amazes me. Sometimes, all it takes to see it is the courage to ask for help.


$3K for 30

“Hallelujah. Holy sh*t, where’s the Tylenol.”

I want to thank everyone who supported the $3K for 30 fundraiser this year. Congratulations are in order to all the friends and family members who helped the campaign raise over $3,600 to purchase Christmas presents for at-need children in Sandusky County, Ohio, through the United Way’s Community Christmas program.

For everyone who helped with their donations and time, please take a moment this weekend to relax, crack a Christmas Ale or open a bottle of red wine, turn on the Griswold’s or maybe click to It’s a Wonderful Life, and smile proudly because you’ve joined the likes of Clark GriswoldKevin McCallisterOld Man MarleyGeorge BaileyThe Grinch, and even Don Cheadle/Nicolas Cage as holiday season heroes.

Thank you one million times over.

Now, for the details.

The $3K for 30 fundraiser sought to raise $3,000 to donate to the Community Christmas program sponsored by the United Way of Sandusky County, Ohio. Community Christmas provides food, gifts, clothes and other items to individuals in need of aid during the Christmas season.

As of today’s gift delivery date, 51 donors helped us raise $3,620! We were able to use the funds to purchase clothes and toys for 40 children from 20 families. In total, Community Christmas will provide clothes, food and toys to over 1,100 families and 3,600 individuals this year.

This is simply amazing work by some amazing people!

It turned out that reaching the $3,000 goal was the easy part in this process. The challenge was coordinating all the shopping and wrapping necessary for the gifts. However, thanks to the help of some unbelievably kind friends, family friends, and family members we were up to the task. I’ll even share some highlights from the shopping and wrapping adventures:

  1. This is a lesson for males throughout the world: If you ever want to make a woman smile, send her shopping at Target. I’ve never seen such happiness as my female friends combing through racks of clothes and aisles of toys with nearly unlimited spending power. Guys, next time you screw up in your relationship, find a way to work a trip to Target into the apology. It might hurt the pocketbook, but it will make your life easier in the end.
  2. A Target cashier stopped me during one of the many checkout runs and asked me to thank everyone for their help. She told me that as a single mother, she was often one of the at-need families who relied on holiday toy drives to make Christmas special for her children. Near tears, she thanked us for everything we accomplished. This exchange alone made everything worthwhile.
  3. When I screamed, “Damn you and all your friends Dora!” as a corner of some oddly shaped Dora toy poked through my already patched wrapping effort. After only a few toys (and one Bo Jackson-like bat break with a tube of wrapping paper), I understood that I only made the process worse.
  4. My failed attempt at sending individual thank you cards via email. Missteps included sending a thank you addressed to my Aunt to a friend and sending a thank you addressed to an old college friend to a different Aunt. I also managed to send three thank you notes to one friend, with only one actually addressed to him. With that said, I apologize to anyone who didn’t receive a thank you note from me – blame technology not a lack of effort!
  5. Helping 40 kids have a happier, more enjoyable Christmas morning.

Thank you again to everyone who pitched in with $3K for 30. With your help, we had fun accomplishing a wonderful goal.


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