The Shots We Don’t Take

Every moment is a chance to do something. Anything. Because when the moment passes, it’s gone. Forever lost to memories. Conversations pass before we know they’re gone. Subtle pleas for help go unheard until screams whimper goodbye.

Sure, conversations swing around later, and we can ask the question “how are you doing” any time other than now. Time, after all, slips past without concern for its participants. Tomorrow’s promise teases us with what we can do then instead of asking us what we should do now. Tomorrow is a perpetual plan B, a mistress causing neglect for any particular moment.

All we really get is one crack at each moment. Every conversation. Every encounter. Even with the people we will see again tomorrow, the moment is never the same. Emotions always change. Time leaps forward and it won’t let things be the same as before. The now flashes before us and doesn’t return..

We store moments already gone in the past, and we long for things to come in the future. But every “now” is our chance to do something, to make a difference for someone, and we only get one shot before its gone.



  1. This is a great post! Today was yesterday’s tomorrow… nothing left but a memory of what was and wasn’t accomplished. I’ll have to be sure to get more done tomorrow. 😉

    1. Thanks, Chris, much appreciated. I’ll join you in that task of getting more done tomorrow! Or maybe just trying to keep getting better at enjoying and embracing all of the moments of today.

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