Walk With Everyone

“Proud Scholar
Step down from your summit
Fall in love and become a fool!

Become humble like dust
Walk with everyone
Good and bad, young and old

So one day
You may become a king”


Should we include or exclude, welcome or shun those we meet? Do we seek to understand the story a person’s shoes tell or ignore the miles that person has walked in them? Can we accept the challenge of listening to, empathizing with, and inquiring about others instead of ignoring or condemning?

We can walk with everyone, good and bad, young and old. Or we can not? The choice is ours.


Nickels and Dimes is a series of short commentaries on inspiration, decision-making, relationships, and other items. I will post these thoughts every Tuesday and Thursday until I run out of new things to say.

For a daily helping of wisdom, please visit these excellent thinkers: Matt CheuvrontSam DavidsonPaul Jarvis, and Josh Linkner. Oh, and of course, Paulo Coelho.


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