From Russia with Love

“Everyone has one dream, passion, or hobby that fills his life with purpose.”

As the video at the end of this post shows, for Vladimir Grigoryev of AFOUR Custom, that passion is shoes.

What Vladimir Grigoryev does is beautiful. He has translated his passion into a product that allows others to express themselves and find beauty through design. He helps people create, reveal themselves, and realize their imaginations.

And the most wonderful point he makes, at least in my eyes, is that when he started making shoes he did so hoping to “just do something, to finish something.”

I think that too often when we start down the path of realizing a dream, concerns of what that dream could become – and fears over what the dream might never be – interfere with actually just finishing something. And, as I’ve learned, the work of heading towards a dream cannot begin the commitment to finish is in place.

I’ve dreamed of writing books since 4th grade. I wrote my first one last year and have spent this year reworking (and I hope strengthening) its weakest areas. I’m close to finishing, but the act of actually finishing also terrifies me. Finishing means that this project I’ve devoted untold hours, tears, revisions, and self-reflections is over. Finishing means an end to the daydreams of what the book might mean to people or the lives it might reach. Finishing means that the something I’ve dreamed of all my life is open for judgment. It turns out that starting the book was the easy part. Seeing it through to its completion is much harder.  Still, I know that my dream of writing books doesn’t really begin until I finish this one.

Watching Vladimir Grigoryev’s video brought a comforting smile to my face. It is a reminder that when push comes to shove, we have to finish.


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  1. Loved your ‘From Russia With Love’ article. I’m so anxious to read your book….based on the writings of yours I’ve read so far, I’m sure your passion will shine in your book. Good luck!

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