Jason Silva’s Existential Bummer


Do we love longer and hold tighter? Do we embrace more passionately and cry vulnerably, sitting in the open exposed and raw for others to see.

Do we mean it when we ask “how are you?” or “what can I do to help?”

Do we care deeply and give whole-heartedly?

Or do we run? Away from what could hurt or could cause pain or could cause suffering?

The choice, to me, is simple and it’s ours to make.



  1. Great post. Weirdly I was going to send you a link to this video when I read the post before I actually watched your link!

    1. That’s great. I’ve meant to link to this since I first saw it a few weeks back. Such an enjoyable few minutes. Have you watched his other videos on You Tube (the Shots of Awe series?). Someone described Jason Silva as a walking, talking TED talk… I tend to agree.

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