I read this thing today…

Once a day. Every day. For 365 days in 2014, I will post a quote from something I read that day. With the quote, I’ll add a sentence or short nugget of thinking about why I included it.

My motivation here is straightforward and two-fold.

First, reading for me exists on a pedestal with few other things (even better than a magazine I found once in 7th grade). I read for information, education, and amusement. I read to escape reality and immerse myself in a world of imagination. I read to be inspired by other’s stories, both real and not real, and to challenge how I write by learning from those more masterful with words than I could dream to be.

The second reason is that I want to challenge myself to read interesting things. When I look back every few weeks and observe my posts, what will I find? Is everything I’ve shared from the books I read? Am I visiting the same websites, relying on them for information, instead of seeking out my own? Can I avoid repeating the same subjects? Am I boring?

To read is to explore what is interesting. I hope to read more and read with more diversity in 2014. I read this thing today… is my plan to act on it.


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