$3K for 30 Provides Gifts for 44 Children

$3K for 30 started in 2012 as a fundraiser to celebrate my 30th birthday. The goal was to raise $3,000 to support the Community Christmas program of Sandusky County, Ohio. Community Christmas provides food, gifts, clothes, and other items to individuals in need of aid during the Christmas season. Last year, $3K for 30 raised over $3,500 to support the efforts.

Now in its 2nd year, $3K for 30 exceeded expectations. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we raised $4,600 and purchased clothes, gifts, and toys for 44 individuals from over 20 families. In addition, we assisted with the purchase of Thanksgiving dinners for 10 families. In total this year, Community Christmas assisted more than 1,000 families and over 3,000 individuals.

I am incredibly thankful for everyone who supported this year’s fundraiser. With your support, we touched many lives and brought holiday smiles to many children and families this year.

To recap this year’s $3K for 30, I created my first infographic. I hope everyone enjoys.

3K for 30


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