About Me

On opening day of the 1982 NFL season, my birth sent my house into a panic. My dad, a former running back for the Denver Broncos, eventually needed a police escort from the hospital where I was born to Mile High Stadium in order to not miss the kickoff of his game that afternoon. I suppose this is one way to make an entrance.

Thirty years later, I feel as though I’ve lived several lives. I spent three years working on Wall Street in New York City, did a stint as a salary cap analyst in the NFL, and spent the better part of five-years mired in a quarter-life crisis where I obsessed over finding purpose in my professional life–a quixotic quest that I continue on today. I spend most of my time now drinking entirely too much coffee, rising early to spill my thoughts onto blank pages, filling my head with random pop culture and sports trivia knowledge, and reading anything that captures my attention.

Recently, I finished a memoir titled To Dad: From Kelly about my relationship with my late father. The process of writing my first book showed me that many of the seemingly small decisions I’ve made combined to cause profound, positive changes in my life and help me overcome the grief of losing my dad. I grew through several unexpected self-realizations during the year I spent writing To Dad: From Kelly, and I hope that by sharing my stories I can encourage others to form deeper, more meaningful bonds with the people in their lives.

Although the subjects covered here will span an array of topics, my primary focus will be on the importance of building strong relationships, accepting oneself honestly, the value of accepting the possibility of failure as a path to success, and the power of giving meaningfully. Finally, I’ll also offer a variety of sports musings from my unique perspective as someone who was (literally) born into the game of football.

I believe in the importance of caring for the people we meet, the work that we do, and the life that we live. Everyone has a story to tell, and there are few things I enjoy more than meeting new people and learning as much as I can of their story. So, if you feel compelled to do so, please contact me to continue the conversations started by the writing on this site.

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