Discussion Questions

1. How would you characterize Kelly’s relationship with his father?

2. What lessons did Kelly learn from his dad? What did he learn from sports? In your opinion, would these lessons have been as valuable or lasting if learned without sports?

3. If you were Kelly and believed your dad’s health was fading (potentially fatally), would you confront your father? How would you do so and what questions would you ask?

4. How would you characterize the role of sports in Kelly’s upbringing?

5. Why do you think Kelly believed that sports represented a convenient topic of conversation instead of more emotional or weighty matters?

6. Rob Lytle struggled in many ways after retiring from the NFL. Were his physical struggles consistent with your expectations of former NFL players? What about in response to the emotional challenges he faced leaving football?

7. Humility is a recurring theme throughout To Dad, From Kelly. Please describe an example(s) where humility had a positive influence on Rob or Kelly Lytle and an example(s) where it contributed negatively.

8. Kelly mentions that writing this book helped heal his feelings of loss. Is your experience with loss similar or different to what Kelly describes? Does what you’ve read in this book help ease any of that pain?

9. Did your opinion of football change as you read this book? If so, in what way?

10. Rob Lytle questioned his life’s purpose after he left the NFL. This question is one many face throughout life. Was Rob right to question his purpose? How would you help someone who doesn’t grasp his or her own significance?



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