A Strange Brand of Happy

A wandering bachelor. Career quandaries. The search for oneself. The hope for love. All wrapped into a movie.

Strange Brand of HappyWell, now, that sounds like something I want to see. Thanks to some smart, creative friends – friends who share a passion for finding magic in the stories people can share – we now have the chance to do just that starting Friday.

A Strange Brand of Happy is the story of an aimless bachelor who loses his job and finds himself chasing the same girl as his manipulative boss. (eeee!)

It opens in theaters this Friday (September 13) and is showing at the Atlas Eastgate Theater in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, for all you Clevelanders!

The details of the story are good ones.

David’s life is a mess. His job is gone and his purpose is missing. The possibility of finding love is a mystery entirely unsolvable. David needs help. He needs to get his life unstuck. Love needs to find him. Somewhere, somehow, and with someone.

When things finally turn up for David, just when he starts to see the light in the tunnel, a problem ensues: The girl of his dreams, who happens to be the life coach helping him get on the right track, is also being pursued by his manipulative ex-boss.

Oh, life, you are a devil. How you tease men with the temptation of delight.

Will David find himself? Will he win the heart of the girl he fancies? Will fighting his ex-boss for love destroy his chance of finding it? And what in the world is he to make of the make-you-think wisdom spewing from the ragtag crew of men and women living at the retirement home where he volunteers?

Life doesn’t promise anything easy for David. Maybe, though, with the help of inspiration as seen through the old eyes of his new friends, and a fresh perspective on the world around him, things might work out for David all.

A Strange Brand of Happy is a movie about love, hope, and unlocking one’s dreams. It’s a reminder that discovering what motivates and inspires you is a journey – and one that takes hard work and friends to realize. Finding yourself does take a search party. It also makes for one hell of a fun story.

A Strange Brand of Happy opens this Friday at the Atlas Eastgate Theater in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

I have a few free tickets available. If you want one, drop me a line and I’ll deliver!

For those interested, I’ll be attending on Sunday afternoon. Come enjoy and spend the day with me watching a beautiful film!