The Power of Empathy

I saw the following video on the Tumblr page of Brad Wise (for more on Brad’s amazing work, check out his movie Strange Brand of Happy)

I think often about empathy and how important it is to creating rich, meaningful relationships. That being said, I find it difficult to distinguish the sensation with words. This video does in 2.5 minutes what I’ve failed to do in thousands of words.


“Empathy is feeling with people.”

Empathy is that place – that difficult to reach, emotionally raw place – that stretches past sympathy. Empathy requires that we connect with others beyond what’s superficial. And connecting can leave us vulnerable, exposed to admissions we’ve feared making or truths we’ve feared sharing.

To empathize is to give ourselves to another. Sometimes it’s in triumph. Other times it’s in trial. Sometimes we celebrate together and sometimes we commiserate in tandem after one of those ‘push me down, kick me in the gut, yank on my ears, work just bitch slapped me and my kids are hair-pulling annoying days.’

Empathy is caring on steroids.


The Power of Empathy story originates from Dr. Brene Brown and Laughing Squid.